The Suplements Myth

Vitamin Pills Powders and Gimmicks

First, see what a person may look like if they consume zero supplements for 25 years here.
(Keep in mind that this person was born with extremely poor genetics as evidenced by narrowing of the dental arch, which necessitated the extraction of ten teeth and wisdom molars at a very young age to prevent tooth-crowding.)

Few will admit it, and even fewer know as much, but supplements, pills, powders and herbal remedies are a waste of time, money, and manufacturing effort. They do create incomes, however for many involved directly or indirectly in the supplement industry. Modern minds want to actually believe that they can buy health in a bottle. Now the new rage is superfoods. Ten years ago it was green powders. Twenty years ago it was glandulars. Thirty years ago it was ornithine and arginine amino acids. (Remember Dirk Pearson and  Sandy Shaw? Health food stores pay large salaries for “experts” who staff the vitamin and supplement aisles to answer questions that patrons may have about their ailments and “what they should take.”
It is what they eliminate that will alleviate their symptoms. Then they can go back to the fresh produce aisle and start eating 100% raw vegan so that they can begin to treat the sources of their aliments and not just chase their symptoms for the rest of their lives.

There are about 100,000 phytonutrients in fresh plant foods such as fresh, raw, whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, but less than 600 are known to man, and some of the most important ones for human health, like vitamin k, are found abundantly in leafy green vegetables alone. without vitamin k your health will be quite poor. That is where most people’s condition stem from- lack of fresh whole plant food. Lack of supplements is not the cause of disease.

Of the 500 or so vital phytochemicals, few are researched  fully. If they are, the results are skewed or misrepresented or misunderstood to the point where the public is lead to believe that they need one  single solitary vitamin or “extract”.

This is what is known as the Reductionist Theory. Like the germ theory it is not based on scientific fact, but is the results of “weak and  uncultured minds as now rule the  medical profession.” (Quote by Florence Nightingale).

You do not need vitamin C. You need the full complex of phytonuttrients that are carried in oranges, lemons, kiwis, red bell peppers, and a multitude of other whole plant foods that also have the hundred thousand other important ingredients.

Isolating the vitamin C or just a few hundred components out in a “complex” that was extracted in a man-made lab is like taking a few hundred ties and steering wheels and expecting an automobile to somehow leap out and be formed magically.

There are no single components that you can take that will give you basic health. It  is only by following nature’s irrevocable laws that you can enjoy wellness.

Personally, I gave  up all supplements 25 years ago. See what it did to me here. I have countless stories about people I have trained, fitness-coached and food-coached for the last 30 years who got rid of all their supplements and just started eating the best way. Note: even if we do not have access to real food we do not  take supplements. Even those so-called green powder “complete meals” have not helped my fitness or wellness progress. Better to just fast that meal. And who can honestly say that a piece of fruit is not available to them living on this planet? Most people with access to a computer who are here reading this now can walk into any supermarket and eat incredibly nutrition-dense food such as fruit for a few dollars. The  problem is 1) miseducation and 2) media brainwashing caused by greed.

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