Most people believe that genetics or pesticides or other factors “beyond their control” cause cancer or not. There is much misinterpretation, mis-understanding, and mis-infoirmation coming from so-called health experts. Perhaps people are confusing what they have been told. No thanks to TV advertising which is never driven by fact but by marketing. Conflicting information and even overt opinion are commonplace when it comes to cancer and health. Cancer is a chronic disease not an acute one. Like a heart attack, it takes a long time to plan. About 20 years.You don’t just get cancer. It does not suddenly jump out of a tree and attack you. You “grow” it from toxic waste build-up as s result of wrong-living, mostly a poor diet.

So how come most people think that there is no cure? Or that there is nothing that they can do? Why is it the public thinks that food has nothing to do with it? Why doesn’t anyone think that they can reverse, let alone prevent their cancer? After all, ” Ya gotta die of something, right?”

“The problem is not controversial research but how it is interpreted FOR the public”
-New England Journal of Medicine

The public has a hunger for news about death and disease. News about Farah Fawcett’s death from rectal cancer or John  Wayne’s death from colon cancer makes news. Few know that Wayne’s colon contained 40 lb. of decayed fecal matter from his life-time lust for animal flesh. Hey nothing against him- it is just too bad he died before his time. Not to mention that he experienced needless suffering. There are so many people that got taken away from us that should have lived a lot longer.
No Opinions Just Facts
The public only knows what it sees on TV or reads in the paper or internet. Mostly ads. Never genuine science. The only studies that they know are slanted to make the drug or treatment option look good when it is usually no better than a placebo.

The really horrific part is that statistics show that refusing any treatment from chemotherapy or radiation results in the person living on average, four times longer!

Do you actually think that the New York Times is eager to publish a story about John Wayne’s “hard as tire-rubber” 40 lb. growth of decaying fecal matter when the paper carries lots of ads for steak houses?
The Cure For Cancer is Known

The noble prize for curing cancer was won in the early thirties by Dr. Otto Warburg. There are thousands of studies from all over the globe showing that cancer can’t “grow” in an alkaline environment. All cooked foods cause acidic reactions. A diet of fresh, ripe, whole raw plant-based foods are mostly alkaline. Compared to the Standard American Western Diet, the proper raw diet is light-years more alkaline, even at the least experienced levels.

Plants are anti-inflammatory. All animal foods are inflammatory.
T . Colin Campbell, in his comprehensive epidemiological study (epidemiological studies are the most difficult to do and this one is repsected as one of the most complete) on cancer that animal protein is the most deadly of all carcinogens known. The China Project Study is the largest human study ever done. And it is a rare triple reviewed one. It is heralded by scientists world-wide as the most singificant study about the relationship between diet and disease ever done.
Ironically, these studies and hundreds more are never mentioned in popular “news”.  It just is not interesting enough. It has no celebrity status attached. There’s a gross lack of practical knowledge that pervades our culture today. To make matters worse, big food business has formed associations not just to sell their cancer-causing contributions to our daily diet, but they have actually created huge public relations campaigns to deliberately cover up and distort the simple truths about cancer or how useless drugs and treatments are compared to a plant-based fresh raw diet.
But even a miniscule amount of research on your part (of correct evidence-based research of meta data not just small studies performed by the wine growers association or dairy board, or meat board, etc.) will clearly show you the remarkably blatant truth. In fact, you can experiment on yourself with food (not drugs or supplements) and quickly see for yourself the positive effects from eliminating the most popular foods).
Too bad that most people get caught up working to pay their bills and drunk on media hype that they seem to have “little time” to  truly investigate let alone experiment with their diet.  Instead they just follow along with the media hyped stories and fall victim to community standards and practices. This is “The Herd Instinct.” at its best.
As Howard Lyman, “The Mad Cowboy” said, “80% of the population is marching forward nose to tail, and there is only one thing you see when you are positioned nose to tail.”
When you give the 100% raw plant-based diet a sincere try for one month you will be so surprised by the transformation that you will agree that one month is more valuable than a million years in the  most prestigious medical schools in the world. It is no leap of faith to see and feel that eating the fresh raw diet that we advocate leads to health beyond what you have ever experieced. Truly you will see how easy it is to avoid cancer this way.

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