The best way
to go raw

You will benefit from my 38 years vegan, 15 years 100% raw brick and mortar wellness and fitness center experience.

Experience is the best teacher

I’m Chris Califano and I’ve been sharing my 35 years experience as a certified physical fitness specialist, 30 years plant based, and almost 20 years raw plant based diet as  owner/ operator of The Best Weigh Longevity Center, a very unique brick and mortar wellness center that is a fully equipped total fitness and teaching kitchen facility. I’ve trained and coached hundreds of serious people, and through decades of in-the-trenches observation, trial and error I have mastered the best way to eat and exercise for the greatest immunity to disease plus the most practical and efficient strength, endurance and flexibility. Food and fitness are the key factors for determining your quality of life now and especially in the future. 

My own internal health and external body transformation is what led me to starting my own fitness and food service back in 1978…

Chris 2012 in his 2nd commercial certified kitchen making raw crackers for health food stores.